The next Reigate Entrepreneurs' Workshop is on the 25th May at Reigate Hill Golf Club, RH2 0TU.

About The Workshop:

Objective of the Reigate Entrepreneurs Workshop is to afford access for companies based in the South East of England to the best business knowledge.


During this 3 hour session, local Licensed Business Coach Lee Dickinson will get business owners working on the improvements in mindset, skillset and the disciplines to drive substantial performance improvements. In particular, we will focus on building stronger cashflows, and achieving better returns on their invested capital. 

Each delegate will leave this Workshop clear on their goals and with personalised action plans that he/she can implement immediately on returning to their business.


We will cover in this session:


- Cultivating your winning attitude and your refusal to lose
- Mustering grit and emotional intelligence
- Your vision and purpose for the business
- Ensuring that behaviours support the core values of the business
- Creating a compelling USP
- Identifying '5 Ways' to drive up revenue and profit by a minimum 50%
- Measuring & testing results so you know which marketing & selling works best
- Freeing you up so you can direct 90% of your time at highly important activities
- Systemizing operations to maximize your productivity
- Building a reliable and effective team
- Finding and developing synergies
Every business participating in the Entrepreneurs Workshop is also invited to a separate 90 minutes of private coaching with Lee. This session is free of charge, and offered without any obligation to hire Lee. Rather, this private session will enable you to begin implementing your growth plan.
The Reigate Entrepreneurs Workshop runs from 9am until 12:30pm on Thursday 25th May at Reigate Hill Golf Club, Gatton Bottom, Reigate RH2 0TU. Admission is £50 per company, with a maximum of 2 delegates per company.