Lee Dickinson - Accredited Business Coach in Surrey, Sussex & Kent

Hi I'm Lee Dickinson and I am a licensed Business Coach operating in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.


Our work is with high growth companies, and those that aspire to high growth. I provide the hands on experience from 29 years at the cutting edge of industry and commerce that small and medium sized businesses need from their advisor.


Having created revenue streams of over £18bn and been responsible for the development of over 3,000 new jobs, you can be confident that we can help you to grow your business too. Typically both brain and bulldozer are required to get the job done.


I am passionate about helping businesses like yours to grow and become profitable, so you the business owner can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. As your Business Coach and trusted advisor, I will help you deliver the results you seek using proven tools, methodologies and systems. These have been tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide for over more than two decades. There is a ton of encouragement too. And the occasional kick up the backside. We all need that from time to time.


Like a great sports coach I will hold you accountable for your results, and push you hard, sometimes very hard, to give your best. Your very best.


Book A Free Strategy Coaching Session With Me



What will you get from this strategy session?

1. A reality check, real clarity of purpose, renewed motivation, focus and some fresh goals.


2. An analysis of your sales & marketing strategies and results


3. Practical steps to improve cash flow, profit & the efficient running of your business


4. An action plan and timetable



So why hire me as your Business Coach?

Just 13% of businesses reach their 5th birthday, and only 3% their 10th. Companies go bust because their owners fail to ditch their bad habits, and never acquire the new skills & knowledge needed to keep the business moving forward. My job is to help business owners to develop the vital new skills, habits and disciplines needed to get the job done, and done well. Very well.



What do my clients get out of their work with me?

1. An in-depth assessment of their business.


2. They understand what they truly want and why.


3. Guided implementation in goal setting, budgeting and action planning to get them their results.


4. Vital tools for measuring/monitoring performance. Because 'what gets measured gets done.'


5. Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions to ensure promised actions are taken on time.


6. Fresh disciplines, inspiration and the encouragement.


7. An unreasonable friend who makes you stick to your plan.


We set a 6-month net profit goal. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL ACHIEVE THIS RESULT! Providing you take every action agreed, if you miss this goal, I commit to coach for free until you achieve it.


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Winning Business

Using our approved 5-ways chassis, we can work with you to develop a winning business model.


Increase Profitability

Increase lead generation and conversion and learn how to scale up your sales and marketing strategy.


Business Efficiency

Develop automated strategies to measure your business growth and improve the efficiency of your team.


Get Your Time Back

Focus your prime time on high value tasks and learn how to get more balance in your day to day life.



Why You need a business coach

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